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The countdown to the most awaited time of the year for business is on! Black Friday 2022 takes place on November 25th and this year it will be more intense than ever.

With so many of us shopping online for security reasons, e-commerce businesses are thriving. IBM has discovered that the pandemic has done thisaccelerated the transition to e-commercefor five years! But there is also a downside to this change.

As e-commerce becomes more and more saturated, you have to work even harder to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This is especially true when it comes to scaling Facebook ads.

But don't panic, we're here to help! Or a help blog post. Running a successful business based on Facebook ad automation, we have a few things to say on the subject.

Read on to learn how to run Facebook ads for your Shopify store.Outperform your competitorsduring Black Friday this year!

1. Start early and use your valuable advertising money wisely

Getting started early may seem like a no-brainer, but many online store owners start planning their Black Friday campaigns too late. Don't be like them, have a marketing strategy!

For one, if you put off planning your Facebook ad campaign until the last minute, you'll end up feeling like you're putting off Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. On the other hand, you're spending too much money on something that ends up being useless, and you definitely won't have a good time either.

Be smart. To be prepared. Create another table.

How Much Does a Facebook Ad Cost in 2021?

In short, it depends. You can run ads on Facebook with whatever budget you want. You can spend as little as $1 a day, but that probably won't bring you much traffic or revenue. A better question would be, "How much does a click on a Facebook ad cost?" Well, it also depends, but at least we have some numbers to give you a better idea!

Below you can check out Facebook's advertising benchmarks across different industries.

🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (1)

According to Wordstream, the average CPC (cost per click) for Facebook ads across all verticals is $1.72. That might sound like a lot, but remember that it's just an average based on costs, which can vary wildly by industry.

For example, if you sell clothing, your average CPC drops to just $0.45. However, if you are in the finance field andsecure, you may have to spend $3.77 for a single click. On the other hand, if that click gets you a customer worth $500 a month, that's no big deal.

The key to understanding how much Facebook can charge you per click (or conversion) is to remember that Facebook ads work in an auction. Facebook needs to control the number of ads its users are shown in order not to frustrate them. For this reason, you should bid against other advertisers for advertising space. Of course, the more advertisers bidding to reach your potential buyers, the more expensive it becomes to reach your customers.

Enter Black Friday.

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Deals become more expensive during the holiday season advertising

The thing about Black Friday and other big shopping sprees during the upcoming holiday sales is that the deals get pretty pricey. With the increasing number of advertisers trying to reach potential buyers with holiday ads on Facebook and Instagram, paid traffic is becoming increasingly competitive.

🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (2)

As a result, it becomes more expensive to get your audience to engage with your ads. Poorly designed advertising campaigns never pay off, but during Black Friday, a lack of a marketing strategy will hurt your wallet even more.

What is the solution?

Launch your Facebook ads early to grow remarketing audiences

Well, we're not saying you shouldn't run your Facebook ads during Black Friday, of course you should! The key to success is putting some money aside to warm up your potential customers before the real Christmas shopping madness begins.

For one thing, pre-Black Friday deals are cheaper, and you'll save some of your advertising dollars while also introducing yourself to your target audience. On the other hand, you can increase your audience for your remarketing campaigns, which you then launch on actual Black Friday.

What's a better audience to convert than a heated audience? Just give them the final push on Black Friday and watch your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) skyrocket.

Electronics stores will make big money this year.

you can do it too

you can do it too

show me how

2. Don't forget Cyber ​​Monday!

🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (3)

You may have seen the term BFCM many times if you Googled “Facebook Black Friday 2021”. It stands for Black Friday Cyber ​​​​​​Monday. Cyber ​​Monday takes place after Black Friday weekend and was originally invented by retailers to encourage people to shop online.

We no longer need encouragement, especially during the pandemic. However, the tradition of shopping on Cyber ​​Monday lives on. So make sure you not only start your Black Friday campaign early, but also extend it into Cyber ​​​​​​Monday. This way you offer your customers the full BFCM experience.

What better way to start a work week after Thanksgiving than by looking for vacation deals during extended coffee breaks? Don't forget that people tend to leave their Christmas shopping at BFCM to get better deals on the gifts they're looking for. Build your Facebook Christmas marketing strategy with this in mind to scale your Shopify store.

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3. Improve your orientation game

To be successful with your BFCM campaign on Facebook, you need to get in front of the people who are most likely to find your ads relevant.

Invest in lookalike audiences

Facebook advertisers love lookalike audiences for a reason. In short, they can help you reach new customers who are very similar to your existing ones. This, in turn, means you can connect with people who are likely to be interested in your offerings. Isn't that the point of running ads? If you're not familiar with Similar Audiences, you can learn more about them in this articleFacebook advertising for beginners.

Take the opportunity to salvage abandoned carts

🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (4)

The best BFCM deals are usually the ones that are simple and attractive. What's more tempting than a generous discount on an item you wanted to buy but changed your mind at the last minute? Take this opportunity to reclaim those abandoned carts that give all online store owners nightmares!

4. Create a unified strategy for Facebook and Google ads

"Which is better: Facebook ads or Google ads?"

This is one of the most common questions business owners ask when considering where to spend their advertising budget.

The truth is, you should start by asking yourself another question: "How can I get the most out of my Facebook and Google ads?"

Both channels are excellentGenerate traffic and salesfor online shops.

  • Google ads are great for targeting people who are actively looking for things to buy.
  • Facebook ads offer sophisticated ways to target your potential buyers. Even if people don't use Facebook to buy things, you still have full control over who sees ads for your products.

The key is not to pit Facebook ads against Google ads, but to find out how they can benefit from each other in your advertising strategy.

Start with Facebook Ads, switch to Google

Facebook ads are a great way to reach cold audiences. For example, you can increase your brand awareness with advanced targeting options. They allow you to show your products to people who may not know you exist but are likely to be interested in what you offer.

Well, even if your Facebook ad campaign is as flawless as Beyonce, it still doesn't guarantee you a 100% CTR. That's not how life (and algorithms) work.

🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (5)

But here's the beauty of digging a little deeper.

Suppose you constantly see ads for a brand on Facebook. Let's say you have doubts about how reputable this online store is. What are you working? That's right, you google it.

Your job as an advertiser is to make sure you're there for your potential customers when they turn to Google to see you.

Here's what you need to do to boost your ecommerce sales on Black Friday:

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  • Use your brand in your Google ads to make sure you're found.
  • Ensure consistent advertising messages in all Facebook and Google advertising campaigns. You will be recognized faster.
  • Do you have something to brag about? Founded for more than two months? Trusted by over 1000 customers? Include it in your ads to build trust.

PRO TIP: Use the top phrases in your Facebook ads' headlines as keywords in search campaigns.

Let's say you have a very easy to remember value proposition in your Facebook ads. If so, your target audience will likely remember it better than your business name. And if you put a lot in their head, your potential customers can google it too. Your job here is to get your brand to appear on Google with the promise of offering that offer.

5. Do not make major changes to BFCM ads

Try not to make any significant changes to your Facebook ads during Black Friday Cyber ​​​​​​Monday.

As soon as you edit something like targeting or creative (image or text), Facebook's algorithm starts over.Lernphaseabout your ad.

  • During the learning phase, Facebook makes adjustments to how your ad is served to ensure it's seen by the people who are most likely to convert.
  • The learning phase can require up to 50 conversions, and that can take some time.

While this wouldn't hurt your ad strategy on a normal day, your time is limited during BFCM. Don't waste it!

To increase your chances of not interfering with your ads once they start showing, double-check them before you start. Check that your copy doesn't have any typos and that your photos don't have too much text (otherwise your ads may not be as successful).

6. Don't slip on the basics

🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (6)

Sometimes we spend so much time developing complex strategies that we tend to overlook the basics. Here are some things to consider when planning your BFCM Facebook Ads campaign.

Adjust the spending limit for your Facebook ad account

If you've done your homework right, chances are you'll be spending a lot more on your ads than you normally would. Make sure your top-performing Facebook ads don't have to be stopped on Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​​​Monday because you've reached your ad spend limit.

Stay within the character limit

It's still common to see ads where the text is truncated. If your ad headline is too long, Facebook will truncate it. Keep your title under 25 characters and your link description under 30 characters and you'll be fine.

Assess your text/image ratio in your images

Although Facebook is removing its 20% text in image rule for ads, it's still recommended to reduce the amount of text in ad images. According to Facebook, photos withless than 20% textperformance better.

Electronics stores will make big money this year.

you can do it too

you can do it too

show me how

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Ok, that sounds like a lot of work... Are Facebook Ads still worth it?

You've reached the end of this article - congratulations, you really have what it takes to win at Facebook Ads during BFCM! But maybe you are also thinking: "That sounds like a lot of effort... Are Facebook Ads still worth it?"

In short, yes they are.

But if you want a longer answer, take a look at his feed.

🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (7)

Organic reach on Facebook is dead

  • Since 2018, Facebook users have been seeing less content from businesses and more from their family and friends.
  • A 2019 Hootsuite report shows that brands can only achieve5.5% of his followers. Unless you have a large following, your chances of organically promoting your BFCM offerings are virtually non-existent.

On the contrary, our time spent on social media has increased, especially during the pandemic. With more than2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is still the king of social networks.

So if you want to make your Black Friday campaign big, you need to reach people where they spend most of their time. Facebook happens to be one of those places on the internet.

Facebook ads can help you with thatconnect with your potential customersat the right time and in the right place. Do it!

🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (8)

Examples of Black Friday Facebook ads to inspire you

The best ending is the one that inspires. Here are some great BFCM ad examples to get your creativity flowing!

  • Goal: An original way to build anticipation for Black Friday
🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (9)

The ad catches the eye with its unusual message: What is this? The picture is also elegant.

  • Dollar Shave Club: Clever use of humor in a vacation ad
🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (10)

If the tone of your online store allows, use a little humor! Who doesn't like to have a reason to laugh while scrolling through their social networks? Take advantage!

  • JackThreads: Play with numbers
🔥6 Tips for Black Friday Facebook Ads to Increase Sales in 2022 🔥 - sixads (11)

If you have a great BFCM offer, make it obvious and create a sense of urgency just like JackThreads (60% OFF, NOW) did.

Need more ideas for your pictures?

PROFITIPP:you can also usesocial proofin your ad creations to promote your Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday deals.

Social proof in Facebook advertising usually means using customer testimonials, likes and shares to give people the confidence to trust your brand. For example, you can take a screenshot of a positive review about your product and use it in your Facebook ad.

Want to learn a little more about Facebook marketing strategy? Check out our blog posthow to use social proof in facebook adsto get more customers.

Go to your spreadsheets now!

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PS If you think you need help scaling your Facebook ads, check out our automation tool.


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