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Murchison Farm

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99 pitches mobile homes, tents267 Morning Pine Apple, ALThis property has been in the family for 3 generations. C/2022 E3 (ZTF), a great opportunity to view the once-in-a-lifetime kite-flying event can be found at our primitive campsite. We show some of the darkest night skies east of the Mississippi River, with the exception of a swamp in Georgia. We are blessed with a minimal amount of light pollution. Included are 3 young oak trees that range in height from 12 inches to several feet. All you have to do is dig them up. We call this part of our project Rescue Oaks. After you have chosen your 3 saplings, I remain at your disposal to offer you some survival tips. Living in high-stress environments, many of these young beauties are unlikely to survive many more years. Some are just approaching 1 year of life. It would be a shame to see them wasted in controlled burns, especially when they would make a great addition to someone else's property. I suggest you use your search engine to find your best viewing location and of course additional data and information. From what I have read, it will be an event that can be seen without the use of telescopes, for many even with the naked eye. Why not get one of the best views at a special event price? co ming-our-way/ar-AA163xrb?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=2ab5e8652fb04a79937a8890a5083ad2Use promo code 66WKCVHX for 25% off regular prices. Fantastic night sky and 3 free oak trees. Create great family memories and take one home! Our Old Family Farm was an agricultural farm, cattle ranch and is now a tree farm and conservation area. It is a mix of open ground, young wood, old hardwood, fish ponds, springs, and streams. We even have a small piece of swamp. We review an active controlled burn program and almost always have some freshly burned areas that are fairly devoid of vegetation, as well as several areas of new growth. If you love the outdoors and are interested in primitive camping, you can also enjoy a dark sky experience in several of our open areas. I have been told by some stargazers that we have the darkest skies east of the Mississippi, except for one other campsite that is east of us. Find out more about this country: Apparently we don't live up to the expectations of everyone who comes to camp with us. To avoid further disappointment, we add the following paragraphs. I would like to start our introduction by saying that we are a primitive camp! We only offer a limited number of campsites that are comfortably developed. We have many great sites, but most require little to moderate time to clean up and dress up for Very Awesome campsites. We don't have a huge number of fully developed campsites! We have tremendous opportunities for you to come and commune with nature while you clean up your own personal campsite! A simple cutting tool, like a machete or hatchet, makes setting up your camp short and quick. Murchison Farm has served in many different farm roles through generations of managers. The many farms included row crops, animal husbandry, herding goats, raising horses, chickens, and turkeys, and growing trees. We currently operate as a tree farm, a wildlife sanctuary/reserve, and a primitive campground, in that order of priority. If you like wide, open areas, plan your camping trip for fall, winter, spring, and early summer. Due to our tightly controlled burn schedule, you will find farmland extremely lush and full of botanical growth during the summer months. Grass, shrubs, vines, low branches, and a variety of other plants are in bloom to the point that the property appears unkempt and unkempt. Not much could be further from the truth. In fact, the massive growth can be largely attributed to all the nutrients released by the combustion process. Much of the lower growth of plants is consumed by our combustion activity and is readily available for new growth. Special nature lovers are needed to enjoy the thriving surroundings of our farm, braving the dense undergrowth (old farm roads) and thriving wildlife during the summer. With this in mind, Nature's Nursery can be very rewarding for people willing to step away from luxury for a while. We currently do not offer public water, electricity or advanced toiletries. All we currently offer are pails with machined lids. Please message us prior to your arrival if you require any of these. Currently we also do not have firewood to buy. There is a lot of firewood around the patio. This includes firewood left behind by previous campers, as well as a lot of dead wood, in the form of fallen branches, dead trees, some from storms. In case we recharge firewood, you can find it in the Extras section. For those who are interested, we have a variety of wildlife and habitat enhancement listings for sale. Please ask us for more details upon arrival. We also offer a variety of mature shrubs, flowers and other plants, some of which can be seen here on Be sure to contact us before placing your order for availability and details. Primitive camping may not be for everyone! I suggest you consider the name and do some research on the actual practice. We offer some campgrounds that are easy to access by car, but many may require 4x4s or low overhanging branches that can scratch your vehicle. If you are looking for a clean, well-maintained commercial campground, our Primitive Campground may not be for you. Tent on one of our beautiful grass fields and enjoy access to 650 acres of pristine wilderness. At this farm in the country you can fish, swim, hike or just sit and listen to the sounds of nature. You can even wade in a beautiful stream. Get off the beaten path! This is not a state park! When you live in the city, you can see stars in the night sky that you can never see where you live. 35 minutes from Millers Ferry on the Alabama River. 50 minutes from Montgomery, the state capital and 30 minutes from Cambrian Ridge Golf Course on the Robert Trent Golf Trail. We are horse friends and we have a corral where you can keep your horses. Booths are being planned and expected to be ready by the end of next year! If you are interested, we also offer flowers, fruit trees, myrtles and other plants for sale. Just ask, I'll be happy to show you what we have. We have added some of our traditional plants and seeds to our hipcamp list. You can buy them and I'll have them waiting for you when you arrive! PLEASE NOTE MURCHISON FARM IS A PRIVATELY OWNED CAMP. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING WITH YOU WHAT YOU DO NOT BRING! With the exception of additional items you can buy, such as flowers, plants, or grease starters. Please follow this rule so that we are not forced to increase the prices of our campgrounds. We are diligently trying to provide a high quality environment at the lowest possible prices! Thank you so much! We've made some big changes starting this year! We opened our camping season on March 1st and now we are extending it to the whole year! We abolished hunting leases and are now a Wildlife Reserve! We are focused on great efforts to significantly increase our wildflower populations as we have begun planting at least 1 million new seeds each year for the next 3 years! The colors must be great! We plant strawberry fields, blueberry bushes and fruit trees and improve the stock! Now is the perfect time to explore and take a leisurely stroll along our many paths and trails! There is very little tall grass and most of the soil is still visible due to the controlled burns this year! The number of flowering plants will constantly increase during this growing season and provide a colorful feast for the eyes! We have two rental boats for those who wish to navigate the ponds. Boat rental is $10 per day. Please let me know when you arrive if you would like to charter a boat. You are responsible for the safety and well-being of your sailing party. If you are new to boating, do not attempt to charter a boat until you have some experience and knowledge of boat safety. It always comes in handy for building campfires wherever you go! If you have not been exposed to the Corona virus, we also offer a secluded area where you can retreat until the crisis is over! We do not beat prices and ask that if you have been exposed to the virus please do not come until you have been through a proper quarantine! offers a great place to take a break and get out into the vastness of nature! Don't waste time, make your social distancing experience exciting and full of new experiences! If you're interested in some of our pollinator plant species, spring, summer, and fall offer some very colorful sights. If you like fishing, you may want to book well in advance. We only have 2 areas with bass, brim, etc... And only 2 areas where you can fish ultra light. Each camping group is assigned only one of these pitches. We use multiple reservation locations, so please remember that reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. I hope to see you soon!


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