FFXIV Chocobo Color Change Guide - Being Late for Party Finder (2023)

Your Chocobo Companion is special and you want it to stand out from the crowd, right? Amid a sea of ​​yellow desert chocobos, yours could be a striking royal blue! A royal purple! The... Green Mud? The choice is yours, so here's how to change your chocobo's beautiful plumage.

What colors are available?

The colors available for your chocobo are (mostly) the same colors you can use to color your clothes in-game. Some exceptions are of course the dye tabs with the "general" color names. This is the section with pure white, jet black, metallics, pastels and some others. Unfortunately no metal chocobo allowed. I think you can always give them a plate armor styleChocobo armorif you are looking for that shiny look.

If you're looking for references to see what your chocobo can look like, I've found itthis tumblr postwhich contains screenshots of the game in different colors. It must have taken a long time to collect and is definitely a much appreciated resource!

If you want to take a quick look and compare, use thearchiveNote, however, that for some of the colors the view is text only. Be sure to click on it if you're interested in the color names or if you want to see a side view of one of the chocobos.

Can you give your chocobo the new paint colors?

New dyes have been added in Patch 5.21, available through the Ishgard Restoration Content. Some of these were in the fancy dye department (Gunmetal Black, Pearl White, and Metallic Brass), probably because they have a similar metallic appearance to other dyes in the same category. I don't think anyone expects these colors to be viable for chocobos, at least at this point.

However, some of these colorants were added to the regular color sections. New red dyes include Ruby Red and Cherry Pink. Yellow Tab now includes Canary Yellow and Vanilla Yellow. Finally, to the shades of blue, they added Dragoon Blue and Turquoise Blue. Maybe it's new chocobo options?

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My test says no, they areNot availableChocobo colors. My attempt to get a ruby ​​red chocobo resulted in a plain old blood red (details in color change mechanics below). Hopefully we can get such glowing plumage on our feathered friends in the future.

How to change the color of your chocobo

After unlocking your chocobo companion, you can instantly change its color as long as you have access to a chocobo stable (in the player's quarters) and can purchase the required fruit from the marketboard. It's probably easier for newcomers and low-level players to join an FC with an estate and stable.

If you don't have a FC, or he just doesn't have an Estate, you can also access a Chocobo Stable if you have one.apartment🇧🇷 Each apartment complex has its own stable outside the building where you can interact with your chocobo companion.

The method of shedding his feathers is by feeding him fruits that are grown in the gardening and regularly sold in the marketplace. Seeds for growing this fruit are available from the Grand Company Hunt Billmaster for 15 Allied Seals each. They produce good yields, especially with Shroud Topsoil, but have a growing time of two days. Remember to take care of them so they don't wither.

You would have an easier time growing them in an outdoor garden, but you could probably do it in pots in an apartment as well. If you can't wait two days or don't have or like gardening, the easiest way is to buy all the fruit you need from the market board. Once you've selected "Tend to My Chocobo," you should select "Feed," then give it a fruit to start the plumage change.

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You then have a six-hour window, after which your chocobo's color will change based on the combination of fruits it's eaten. I usually feed my chocobo friend all the fruit right away, but technically you have a full six hours to do it. You can only feed one fruit at a time, so please note that clicking is a little tedious.

You can see how much time is left before the color changes by going back and checking the Tend to My Chocobo window.

The greatest tool available is theChocobo FFXIV Farbrechner, created bychop chop🇧🇷 You enter the starting color of the chocobo and the color you want the chocobo to be, and the calculator will tell you how much of each chocobo food you need to feed.

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The default chocobo color is Desert Yellow, but if you're not sure what your current chocobo color is, check your companion's details in the Appearance tab. In the barn, this is under "View Details". If your companion is not stable, you can check in the menu. Character > Companion > Appearance. This navigation can only be accessed when your chocobo is not stabilized.

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If you don't get the color you want, there are a few things to check. If you try again, use your new color as your starting color, or reset your chocobo to the default desert yellow. To do this, feed him a Han lemon. You can get a Han Lemon pretty cheap on Marketboard (at least on my server). You don't have to wait the six hours again if you reset the color this way; Just exit the Chocobo Stable interface and come back.

If your source color is the standard desert yellow, it's possible that somewhere in the middle of the feed you've exceeded the limits of one of the RGB values ​​(0-255). Be sure to follow the recommended feeding order listed at the bottom of the pagecolor calculatorresults page. There's even a handy checklist you can check off on the go so you don't lose track.

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If you have previously colored your chocobo, your chocobo's original color may not exactly match its "true" color (i.e. its RGB values). I recommend resetting with a Han lemon before trying again as your RGB values ​​will be accurate.

Color change mechanics

Each of the colors has a set of associated RGB values, which are listedon here🇧🇷 For example, your chocobo starts out as desert yellow, which has RGB values ​​of (219, 180, 87). Higher numbers result in bright, vibrant colors, while lower numbers result in dark, deep colors.

You change your chocobo's feathers by feeding it fruit while it's in the stable. Each fruit increases or decreases the RGB values, allowing you to take a specific set of different fruits from start values ​​to target values.

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fruitIncreased (+5)Decreased (-5)
Xelphatol appleRotblue green
Mamook-FederGreenRed Blue
Bagas O'GhomoroAzulRed Green
autumn fruitblue greenRot
Doman plumRed BlueGreen
Cieldalaes-AnanasRed GreenAzul

Of course, there are only a limited number of color options available, but many more combinations of values. So if your chocobo's RGB values ​​don't exactly match one on the list, an approximation will be made to get the most similar color.

So I was trying to figure out if the new dyes are options for our chocobos. By maximizing the red value and minimizing the green and blue values ​​(255, 0, 0) this should have resulted in a very bright and vibrant red ruby. Unfortunately, the result was pretty far Crimson (145, 59, 48), so I can safely say that the new dyes aren't Chocobo-approved.

It's also important to note that (255, 0, 0) seemed to remain my chocobo's "true" color, not the (145, 59, 48) of his crimson phenotype. When I changed its color, I calculated the number of berries it would take to get to Lilac Purple (131, 105, 105) its "true" color, and it got me there with no problem.

I used 21 Doman Plums, 2 Mamook Pears, and 2 O'Ghomoro Berries (-125, +105, +105), compared to the calculator that would have recommended 12 Doman Plums, 6 Valfruits, and 4 Cieldalaes Pineapples (-10, +50 , +70). That would leave me at (245, 50, 70), which I think could have been represented as something like colibri pink or coral pink. This can explain some color shift errors and is a good reason to use a Han Lemon to reset the RGB values ​​if you just can't get the color you want.


Have fun with your chocobo and change its color if you haven't already tried it. If something goes wrong, you can always reset it to the default Desert Yellow with a Han Lemon. Remember to use the color calculator and follow the feeding order for the most effective (and boring) results.

I'm very curious, what color chocobo are you? And what influenced your decision? Let me know in the comments.

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Why is my chocobo not changing color? ›

In order to change your Chocobo's color, you'll need to stable it at your house, either a personal one or a Free Company one. Stables can be bought from the Housing Merchants for 125,000 Gil, and they are an outdoor item so you'll need enough space for one in your garden area.

What is the rarest chocobo color? ›

Gold chocobo

Gold chocobos are some of the rarest and most valued type of chocobo.

How do I reset my chocobo color? ›

If a player makes a mistake, they can simply fetch their Chocobo from the stable and it will wipe out the sequence of any snacks that have been fed during that period. They can then re-stable their Chocobo to restart a new six-hour period. Han Lemon snack to reset the color back to Desert Yellow.

How do I feed my chocobo to change color? ›

You must feed all of the recommended fruits in one feeding and cycle through the different fruits as you feed. You will see a message that your chocobo is beginning to grow new feathers each time the colour changes as you feed, this confirms that your chocobo will be a different colour in 6 hours.

Can you still get fat chocobo? ›

While some things may have changed in the first part of Cloud Strife's journey, many familiar elements remain faithful to the original game. In battle, players can still count on being able to summon and one of the many beings they can summon is the form of a Fat Chocobo.

How do you get a 285 chocobo? ›

In order to get a Rating of 285, you need a P9 Chocobo with a combined Star Rating of 17/20 and achieve Rank 50. If you have more then 17 Stars, you might hit 285 at Rank 48 or 49, but 17 Stars is the bare minimum in order to get to 285 Rating.


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