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Let's revisit a world I've fallen in love with ever since we broke up."Attorney” over a month ago, and that is the sequel to Alex London called “Guardian”. Before I begin, I must warn readers that despite all I've been able to do, I can't explain my thoughts on "Guardian" by exposing important plot details that occurred in the last book. This may not sound like much to you if you haven't read it yet, but believe me: Ican nottalk about this novel without mentioning "Proxy" and the ending. With that being said, what are my thoughts on the sequel to a young adult book I've grown to love?




After the events of “Proxy”, it officially happened: Jubilee overthrew the entire system that held the world hostage for generations. Mountain City is abandoned, its bioengineered Guardians run amok without the web to guide them, proxies are released, and debts are gone forever. Unfortunately, this cost Knox his life, who sacrificed himself in order for Syd to survive.

And in this new world, the revolution has become the government, with Syd as a figurehead. Now in the crosshairs of groups who believe killing him will bring the world back online, Syd must go into hiding while he rallies the people.

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Kind-hearted bodyguard named Liam (with artwork to the right by Tumblr user:chapter odactyl eleven), Syd still mourns Knox's death in the old world as she tries to help keep her new world intact. However, assassins aren't the only thing to watch out for. As the entire world reels from Jubilee, an unusual plague is affecting not only the Guardians, but all humans in its path.

After learning the origins of the virus, Syd must team up with Liam to uncover the truth about this plague, visiting old wounds, mending current ones, and returning to Mountain City. But will he and Liam succeed in their mission? Will Syd be the savior everyone makes him out to be while he loves someone else again?

Does the entire plot of this book feel like a cross between Suzanne Collins' "Mockingjay" and Marie Lu's "Champion"?

Okay, aside from the similarities that emerge from them, I'll give Alex London credit for taking a great dystopian novel, turning it on its head, and making a sequel that provides a wonderful send-off to the characters I love. For "Proxy" before being a simple 'power struggle' novel, "Guardian" goes further by showing the aftermath of the Jubilee, Syd's life, his actions and the effect this has on all living people. in the new created world.

Six months later, we see Syd become a character I can't stop praising. It's strange to see him in a bad mood for half the book as he talks about his role as Yovel, "the savior who purged the corporate system." Although to be fair, I think he's justified with everything he experienced and lost in the previous book, and still loses in "Guardian". He feels guilty about Knox's sacrifice and the suffering of everyone else he has no control over, and we feel that anguish in every word and action he does. There is a scene in the novel where he and Liam are trapped in a room, and after realizing the full scope of what is happening and the lives on the line, Syd breaks down in tears in front of someone she would never show her feelings to. emotions.

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Once shit gets real and everything is on the line, he goes into full optimism mode and turns the gears in his head back into gear. He tries to find solutions to his broken world, strategizes while looking to the future, and solves problems together with Liam while trying to survive the lawlessness and Marxist chaos that his existence caused in the first place. He is so likeable and such an amazing person to look at that you completely forget about his sexuality with other guys.

At first, I had doubts about Liam's role in "Guardian." After killing a protagonist who, although notattractedfor the guys, there was a genuine bond with Syd, it felt like a compliment from Alex London. Knox Brindle left an impact on me and many readers, and now suddenly we're supposed to like Syd's new love interest?

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Fortunately, Liam isn't replacing Knox. Stand out as a character, and Alex Londonsweetit developed him, his backstory, and his genuine personality. Like Syd, Liam is brave and has a sense of humor, but differs by hiding his emotions under a veil of stoic professionalism and a robotic arm. He doesn't stop there; Liam is complex as he tries to choose between his loyalty to his Reconciliation, his duties as a mere bodyguard, his past sins as a murderer, and the boy he loves to death.

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These two wonderful fanarts are from: jensuisdraws

The drama and relationship that unfolds between him and Syd is also some of the best I've seen in recent reads. It's not overdone or underplayed with their interactions, and I'd honestly love to see more of Liam and Syd together in future books. The way they work with each other is adorable and great to watch. That scene where they are both forced to fight to the death to continue their journey really made meSighin my place, and praying that both turn out well in the end.

Their bond is so powerful. These are LGBT charactershe mustbe written in the future. Between Liam and Syd, these two show that a character doesn't have to be straight or manly to be tough, they just need to be cute and tough to be tough. Sexual orientation is not what defines a hero, and the two of them show it (much like Eris from “the thousandth floor” in my last review).

As always, Alex London uses a good mix of vocabulary with diction and syntax to write various scenes and ranges from quiet and reflective moments to intense and violent confrontations. The author's writing shows this with simple movements and actions. "Guardian" uses Alex London's distinctive style of being frank and direct, but retains the meaningful heart and story he wishes to find in many novels.

Old and new characters come and go as well, from the Causegirl named Marie returning as a loyal Reconciliation minion (whose enthusiasm would make Excel blush XD), we see Mr. Baram maintain his parental role while balancing his new role as a member of the Reconciliation Council, and even Finch from the first book wants revenge on Syd for destroying his life.Review: “Guardian” (Proxy #2) by Alex London (5)

Wait, there's more: we've got other characters you thought you'd never see again. There's a scene where the gang meets up with some of Knox's old friends from before the system crashed, like Cheyenne and Nine. At first you don't even recognize them anymore, these simple rich kids who only cared about partying now all dirty, dressed in half torn, half chic clothes with a crazy look. Seeing them all disoriented, so hopeful that the network will come back, is like watching an addict go through withdrawal. Once again a brilliant satire on how our modern world has become addicted to the luxuries of technology. It's not that I'm to blame, nor you, although XP

If there was a character that left me with mixed feelings, it would be the villain himself; Cousin. While he does have a commanding presence and serves as a devilish complement to Liam's persona, I felt like his backstory was pretty weak. Or rather, inexplicable because we don't know anything about him, why he chose this name or even what he hopes to get from this new world.

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Still, that doesn't mean the post-Jubilee world Alex London envisioned isn't... interesting, to say the least. In this world, the new government is anti-technology and preaches equality. This means that no property, no debt to anyone, and even words like 'duty', 'benefit' and 'transaction' are prohibited from public speaking. It's very clever how Alex London once again presents thought-provoking critiques of Marxist communism as opposed to the laissez-faire capitalism of the first book.

Alex London goes further and presents more topics, such as the risks and benefits of individual freedoms, the right of expression and how far society can go for equality. Unlike most books, these themes are brought up and then deftly left for the reader to ponder on their own. There is no right or wrong answer, because "Guardian" and her characters slowly realize that there must be a compromise between these sides.

And through these questions, I love seeing Syd doing everything she can to help Reconciliation survive, from carefully choosing her words to subtle actions, because she knows one misstep could mean life or death for him. Again, similar to Katniss Everdeen's situation during the "Hunger Games".

While I like "Guardian" and think it lives up to expectations, another thing that bothers me is the ending. He didn't feel rushed or anything, but the way he finished it felt like he was preparing a third novel. Even so, it ends on an optimistic note about the future, and we see Syd in a relationship with Liam on the last page.

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But also,pleasemake a third book, mr. London! I want to see more of them! A third book, acontinuation of the story, aepilogue, that stupidity of Rule 63 that Stephenie Meyer threw with “Life and Death”. Anything if it means we get to see more of Syd!

Overall, "Guardian" remains a compelling read that brings its predecessor to an exciting conclusion (even if we want more). It has engaging characters that grow on you, an impressive world with intricate ideas, and a romance that is not cliché but genuine. While it may not be a perfect ending for some, this is a book series that may strike a chord with many readers. From the young LGBT person who wants to read about a gay action hero to the simple teen who wants thrills, both "Guardian" and "Proxy" give us a unique spin on dystopia for everyone.

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