What exactly is a tuxedo cat? All you need to know (2023)

Cats can come in a variety of colors and patterns. One of the most notable is theGato de smoking, a contrast in black and white, as well as a contrast in gregariousness and independence.

It's not a breed of cat, but cats with this coloration tend to have an overall personality that includes intelligence, charm, and playfulness.

The unusual patterns are just as impressive as the striking black and white coloring. They have been a popular cat color pattern for millennia and have a reputation for mystery, magic and luck.

It is not surprising that some of the most famous cats areesmoquin.

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  • What is a Tuxedo Cat?
    • tuxedo is not a race
    • There are different types of Tuxedo cats.
  • Genetics and Patterns
    • There are equal numbers of men and women
    • Tuxedo cats usually have green eyes.
    • Most Tuxedo cats have white whiskers.
    • The tuxedo pattern is caused by a gene for white spots
  • Tuxedo Cat Personality Traits
  • Facts about tuxedo cats
    • It's easy to find tuxedos in shelters
    • You can find tuxedos all over the world
    • No known health issues
    • Tuxedo cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt
    • they are super smart
    • have their place in history
  • Famous Tuxedo Cats – Fiction
  • Famous Tuxedo Cats – Reality
  • conclusion
  • What kind of cat is a tuxedo cat?
  • What is the personality of a tuxedo cat?
  • Tuxedo cats are weird?
  • Are all black and white cats tuxedo cats?

What is a Tuxedo Cat?

Tuxedo cats get their name from being mostly black with a white chest and perhaps small white paws, as if they were wearing a small tuxedo. While this pattern is often associated with black and white cats, it can also apply toGreyand white cats. There is also ginger.esmoquinand reverseesmoquinThey are white above and black below.

They often have black coloring around their eyes, often with a white chin or nose that gives them the appearance of wearing a mask, such as the Phantom of the Opera or Tuxedo Mask.

tuxedo is not a race

This is astandard color, not a race.A Persian can have the tuxedo pattern like an Americanshort hair, Manx, Scottish Folds, Munchkins, Norwegian Forest Cats and many others. They can be long-haired, short-haired, fluffy, furry or silky. Almost any breed that is not defined by coat color can be a tuxedo cat.

Even so, some breeds known for a specific color or pattern may exhibit that pattern. They simply won't win any awards for meeting breed standards.

There are different types of Tuxedo cats.

What exactly is a tuxedo cat? All you need to know (2)

bicolor catscan come in different patterns. Most tuxedos are completely black except for the face, legs, neck, chest, and perhaps the tip of the tail. A van kitten will be mostly white except for the top of the head and tail.

There is also the cap and saddle with black on the top of the ear or even just the ears and a black patch covering the tail, rump and part of the back. The mask and cloak will be black from the top of the head to the tip of the tail and white elsewhere.

A magpie or harlequin cat will have random patches of black and white. Some of these cats have throat patches that almost look like a smallbow tie🇧🇷 Some cats have a combination of tabby andesmoquinpattern, giving them a very mackerel appearance.

Genetics and Patterns

At one time, it was assumed that their unusual coats were the result of dormant genes not moving fast enough to cover the fur.

The now more commonly accepted hypothesis leans toward evidence that two-tone cats are formed in utero by a faulty version of the "kit" genes.

They are defective because they don't propagate at the normal rate.

There are equal numbers of men and women

While orange tabbies tend to be macho and cheetah andtortillastend to be female, tuxedo-patterned cats are just as likely to be male as female.

Whenever you see a woman in fiction wearing a tuxedo, it indicates that she is no ordinary woman, but rather someone with a quirky, eccentric attitude and perhaps a bit of star quality. The same could be said for his tuxedo queen.

Tuxedo cats usually have green eyes.

What exactly is a tuxedo cat? All you need to know (3)

The gene linked to the tuxedo pattern also seems to have a connection to eyes being some shade of green. Tuxedo kittens often have bright green, golden-green, or blue-green eyes. It's a pretty impressive look.

Most Tuxedo cats have white whiskers.

A lot oftuxedo catsthey have white whiskers that stand out against their black faces. While this is true for most felines, it looks especially cute on cats in tuxedos.

The tuxedo pattern is caused by a gene for white spots

with the otherbicolorcats get their coloring from a white spotting gene mixed with the recessive alleles of the agouti gene.

Both males and queens carry the genes necessary for baldness. Baldness of the feet when an animal has spots ofwithout pigmentWhite skin. If the gene for tabby is dominant, it means your cat will have a lot more white fur.

To have a tuxedo pattern kitten, the animal must be chick dominant or have incomplete dominant genes.

As the white spot gene is dominant, twoesmoquinthey probably have a litter of allesmoquin, as long as mom doesn't have some on her side. (Hot cats can get pregnant with more than one male at the same time.)

Tuxedo Cat Personality Traits

Like James Bond, tuxedo cats look classy but aren't afraid of a little action.They are lively, energetic and highly social compared to most other cats.

As soon as you walk through the door, youesmoquinhe will come running towards you with his black tail up. However, they have a certain sense of independence and curiosity like any other feline, and care must be taken to prevent them from getting lost.

They also tend to be very vocal, more like an opera star than the opera attendant as they are dressed.

Facts about tuxedo cats

Tuxedo cat coloring can act as camouflage, just like for a penguin. When a penguin is in the water, its white belly blends in with the clear sky and its black back blends in with the dark water. With tuxedo cats, this coloring helps them hide in tall grass. Keep reading to learn more!

It's easy to find tuxedos in shelters

Though uniquely beautiful, tuxedo cats are not uncommon.You're sure to find at least one at your local animal shelter.

Unfortunately, due to superstitions about black cats, many of them have difficulty finding a family to take them in.

On average, tuxedos find they have to spend ten days longer at the shelter than cats of other colors. If you're considering adopting a cat, consider a small, fluffy one.esmoquin!

You can find tuxedos all over the world

Tuxedo cats are common in all corners of the world. American and British shelters are full of tuxedo cats ready for adoption.

the swedish cartoonFirstno tailmakes tuxedo cat popular there.

No known health issues

Tuxedo cats are as healthy as any other feline, and their lifespans can be prolonged by the same factors. Isaac Newton liked tuxedo kittens and invented the hatch so they could get in and out without his help. You might want to install a smart cat door to limit the amount of time you have outdoors.

Make sure he gets the best food, enough exercise and rest, not to mention regular veterinary care, and you can have your fifteen to twenty year old friend.

What exactly is a tuxedo cat? All you need to know (5)

Tuxedo cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt

About 70% of the cats depicted in ancient Egyptian tombs and art were tuxedo cats. Perhaps the Egyptians believed they represented the union of Nut, the sky goddess, and Geb, the earth god. They were popular in Egypt before the word "txedo" meant anything.

they are super smart

If you like a pet with intelligence,esmoquinthey are the way to go! They appear to be twice as intelligent as the average cat. Tuxedo pattern kittens tend to reach developmental milestones earlier than most kittens. Despite their coloring, they are not as likely to be hit by cars as other cats. Are they smart enough to keep an eye on the traffic?

have their place in history

This type of cat was not only worshiped in Ancient Egypt, but also William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Ludwig von Beethoven and RogerDaltreyall owned cats in tuxedos. It was formerly believed that they could become invisible at the vernal equinox, giving them a magical reputation.

Today, tuxedo owners are believed to be luckier when playing the lottery. Read on to learn about famous tuxedo cats, both from history and fictional accounts.

Famous Tuxedo Cats – Fiction

What exactly is a tuxedo cat? All you need to know (6)
  • Silvestrethe warning brotherscrazyTunes cartoons bring us some different tuxedo cats. Sylvester is the best known of them. He is best known for chasingTweetarPie the canary, but he's also been an opponent of Speedy Gonzales and a young kangaroo that Sylvester always mistook for a giant rat. He was never successful, much to the embarrassment of his look-alike son, Junior.
  • PenelopeHer name is almost never mentioned, but she is the couple's love interest.pepeLe Pew Caricature. She is a tuxedo-marked fluffy feline who somehow manages to paint a white stripe down her back. That would causepepemistaking her for a female skunk and trying to woo her, much to Penelope's dismay.
  • PussyfootThis kitty was alone in twocrazyShort melodies, but his role was still memorable. She befriended a large bulldog named Marc Anthony who would do anything to protect his little friend. In the first cartoon, he tries to hide it from his lover and has a breakdown when he believes (mistakenly) that Pussyfoot has been turned into cookies. In the other drawing, he protects her from a bigger, meaner cat.
  • Sir.misunderstoodT.S. Eliot's poem is sensational from the musicalgatosit got its name from being described as black "from the ears to the tip of the tail". Lloyd Webber turned him into a cat in a tuxedo to look even more like a stage magician. There is a fan theory that he could be related tobustoferoJones, explaining their similar coloration and whyMixedshe gets away with being so sassy with him.
  • The cat in the hatHe was the eponymous star of some of Dr. Seuss about a mischievous cat who likes to have fun while he rhymes. The Mike Myers movie based on the character was something of a bomb, but the children's educational programThe cat in the hat knows a lot about this.He makes up for it by teaching the kids science.
  • Peter without glueIn his native Sweden he is calledFirstno tail🇧🇷 Peter-No-Tail is the star of a series of children's books byHe likesknutsonand two feature films. He was born not only with tuxedo markings but also without a tail, a huge embarrassment among cats. Despite this handicap, his kind and gentle nature manages to win him friends, including a cream-colored queen named Molly.silk nose.
  • TomásMost tuxedo kittens depicted in fiction are black and white. tom was the weird oneGreyesmoquin🇧🇷 He is also the only one with seven Oscars! He is best known for chasing a mouse named Jerry and getting involved in many funny incidents along the way. In "The Cat Concerto", Tom dons a literal tuxedo (which does not survive the photo) while showing off his skills as a piano virtuoso, waking a very upset Jerry as he does so.
  • FigaroIn Disney's second feature filmPinocchio,Gepetohe has a small black and white cat named Figaro. The same cat can be seen in some Mickey Mouse cartoons as Minnie's pet. There was a deleted scene whereGepetohe had to stop Figaro from eating Cleo the goldfish. A mechanical Figaro can be seen at the Fantasy Faire in Disney Land being awakened by a bird chirping in a cage.
  • myThis hilarious children's book by Dav Pilkey reimagines King Kong as a chubby tuxedo-clad kitten on a riot in Mousopolis. The images are an innovative collage of manipulated photos and acrylic paint.

Famous Tuxedo Cats – Reality

What exactly is a tuxedo cat? All you need to know (7)
  • mediaWhen President Bill Clinton moved into the White House, his teenage daughter Chelsea brought her cat Socks with her. The socks would be faked by apparitions inCrazy, Terrallendeand in episodes ofmarrom murphyy¡Eek! O gato.
  • SimonThis little sea kitten sailed with the British Royal Navy in 1949 during the Chinese Civil War. He was awarded the PDSA Dicken Medal for protecting soldiers' rations. Sadly, the poor man died from his injuries after an attack.
  • trixieThey say only dogs are loyal, but this cat can be too. Many people try to escape from prison, but Trixie broke in! Trixie in one form or another broke into the Tower of London in 1801 just to be with her.
  • esmoquin stanIn 2012, Tuxedo Stan was a black and white cat who was running for mayor of Halifax, Canada. Although he did not win, he did inspire the city council to donate considerable funds to the area to build a low-cost spay and neuter clinic.
  • PalmerstonHis full title is Chief Mouser of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Whitehall, London. His job is to keep the offices in the King Charles Street Building free of rodents. It is known that he fell out with Larry, Chief Mouser of the Cabinet Office.
  • rooseveltRoosevelt was saved as a partially paralyzed four-week-old kitten by Tenth Life Cat Rescue. Roosevelt survived, although he was never able to walk or relieve himself properly. Now he lives in a veterinary clinic where patient morale improves.
  • sparkling wineIn 1998, Sparky inherited $6.3 million upon his owner's death, making him one of the wealthiest cats in the world.
  • RodrigoCats love to climb! The only cat to climb Mount Everest was a tuxedo cat named Roderick.
  • FélixYou can find the image of this cat in a smiling tuxedo on the packaging of Purina's Felix line of cat food. The wonderful, wonderful cat from the old cartoons for which he is named is almost entirely black, except for his large eyes. This Felix has a white mask to better frame his wide pink smile.
  • Professor MeowingtonsPhDThis highly educated cat belongs to electronic artist deadmau5. She has featured her adorable kitten on several album covers.
What exactly is a tuxedo cat? All you need to know (8)


The tuxedo cat is beautiful and healthy. One is sure to make a playful, intelligent, and adorable companion. There are many different types and they come in almost every breed.

Consider a little man chic or lady chic for your new furry companion. You'll be glad you did!


What kind of cat is a tuxedo cat?

A tuxedo cat gets its name from being mostly black with a white chest, as if wearing a tuxedo. It is not a breed, but simply the pattern of the cat's coat.

What is the personality of a tuxedo cat?

Tuxedo cats can be different breeds, so their personalities vary accordingly.

Tuxedo cats are weird?

The tuxedo coat pattern is not uncommon, which is why there are many cat breeds that have this pattern.

Are all black and white cats tuxedo cats?

Tuxedo cats are not breed specific, it is simply the coat pattern.

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